“The Common Sense Zone”

Common Sense Residential & Commercial Sanitizing Services

Common Sense service program is an environmentally safe sanitizer solution for home and commercial spaces that provide lasting germ protection and odor removal.

Our Residential & Commercial Sanitizing Service

Has 4 Aspects

  1. PREVENTION for proactive people and they want to treat their residence or business with the product for germ and odor control
  2. REMOVAL (disinfect contaminants and bacteria, viruses, allergens and fungi)
  3. MATTRESS DISINFECTING [and other furniture] (Bed & Breakfasts, Home Away, Air B&B, Hospitality, Advertising your house as a “Common Sense” Zone — removes stains, odors, bacteria… “fragrance free”
  4. TESTING We can do “On Location” ATP testing and analysis. Also, through third party, Certified testing.

Common Sense Surface Sanitizer

Can Be Added During

The Manufacturing Process

For Many Products

  • Great in high usage applications
  • Easily incorporated during the finishing cycle of most processes
  • Provides the same great antimicrobial protection rendering products free from microbial contamination and cross contamination
  • Disrupts the cell membranes of microorganisms in bacteria, fungi, algae and yeast
  • Applied during finishing cycle by PAD or exhaust process

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