Benefits of Using Common Sense:

*Odorless and colorless
*Water based
*Long term prevention of a wide range of microbial growth
*Protects a wide range of surfaces both porous and non-porous
*Can be wiped, sprayed or misted on virtually any surface and dries rapidly
*No off-gassing
*Won’t dry out hands

Long Lasting Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizer


Common Sense accomplishes all of this without the use of poisons or metals It does not create microbial resistant strains, we are the ‘Green’ solution to inhibit microbial growth.

Green Technology

The Common Sense Zone

The Common Sense Zone

How Our Long Lasting Alcohol Based Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer Works!

Common Sense works like a “bed of spikes” – germs simply pop when coming in contact with Common Sense! Common Sense is a Micro-Biostatic Antimicrobial Coating. Sounds dazzling right? That’s because it is! HERE’S HOW IT WORKS: When applied to your skin or a hard surface, Common Sense’s Long Lasting Alcohol Based Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer creates a layer on the surface that inhibits odor-causing bacteria, mold and mildew as well as prevents spore growth for an extended length of time. The Common Sense coating forms a protective surface protectant by forming a “bed of spikes” that destroys the microorganisms before they can cause harm. While disinfecting hand soap gives you momentary protection, our commercial and household sanitizers give you long-term defense that lasts all day!

THIS is why we can claim that by using Common Sense, you are in fact using common sense in proactively defending your health. Our hands are the gateway to touching hundreds of hard surfaces every day, so by protecting them, you are protecting what touches your body and goes into your body.

Sickness and Disease Can Be Minimized By Taking Good Care of Your Hands

A fortunate by-product of our unique formula is that it gives the feeling that your hands are moisturized…it gives you the feeling of soft hands by locking in your skin’s natural moisturizers.

Protect your skin, yourself and your loved ones from germs that create illness.

Our moisturizing hand sanitizer works for several hours at a time. We recommend three applications per day for maximum germ prevention benefits; however, Common Sense can be applied more often without harming your skin. It does not wash off with water or hand soap. It is removed when your skin naturally exfoliates. Our products are available for both household and commercial sanitizing use.

Molecules in the Formula Help Protect the Skin, Won’t Dry your Hands, and Keep the Germs Away!