Why Choose Our Formula?

Take Good Care of Your Hands While Minimizing Sickness

People touch EVERYTHING. We can’t help it! Even the most careful people touch many places that others have handled in order to live our daily lives. Some of the most common, unavoidable surfaces include door handles, railings, shopping carts, escalators, elevator buttons, ATM and vending machines and more.

In a perfect world, microbes wouldn’t cause any harm to humans, but in reality, germs can be dangerous for all of us. By using Common Sense products, you are proactively defending your health. Our hands are the gateway to touching hundreds of surfaces every day, so by protecting them, you are protecting what touches your body and goes into your body.

Protect you and your loved ones!

How It Works

Common Sense Surface Protectant work to clean and protect your skin and surfaces. Odor Causing Bacteria, mold & mildew, Fungi, and Algia simply POP when coming in contact with Common Sense! Common Sense is a Micro-Biostatic (this means that it inhibits the growth or multiplication of microbiota) Antimicrobial Coating.

When applied as a coating to your skin or a hard surface, Common Sense’s formula protects the surface by forming a “bed of spikes” that destroys the microorganisms before they can cause harm.

Watch This Video Demonstrating How The Coating Protects Skin & Surfaces from Germs!

The product creates a layer that inhibits odor-causing bacteria, mold, mildew and the growth of spores for an extended length of time. While disinfecting hand soap gives you momentary protection, our sanitizers give you long-term defense that lasts all day!

Benefits of Using Common Sense Products:

Using Common Sense products isn’t just about staying clean; it’s about proactively defending your health with an array of benefits:

  • Long-term prevention of microbial growth.
  • Unique antimicrobial technology for effective protection.
  • Inhibits cross-contamination for added safety.
  • Eliminates organic odors, leaving a fresh and clean environment.
  • Free from poisons, phenols, alcohols, and heavy metals for non-toxic use.
  • Safe for pets and cannot create superbugs.
  • Water-based Surface Protectant with proven efficacy through independent testing.
  • Hand Sanitizer is grain-based, food-grade, EPA Registered, and FDA-compliant.
  • Odorless and dye-free for a pleasant and odor-free experience.
  • Non-toxic and fast-drying for comfortable use.
  • Protects both porous and non-porous surfaces for versatile application.
  • Can be easily wiped, sprayed, or misted on virtually any surface.
  • Suitable for field applications, such as hospitals, daycares, mass transit, aviation, and oil rigs.
  • Non-leaching, ensuring the protection remains on the surface.
  • Won’t dry out hands, promoting healthier skin.

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Protect Smooth Hands with Continuous Moisturizing Action

A fortunate by-product of our unique formula is that it gives the feeling that your hands are moisturized…it gives you the feeling of soft hands by locking in your skin’s natural moisturizers.

Our moisturizing hand sanitizer works for several hours at a time. We recommend three applications per day for maximum germ prevention benefits; however, Common Sense can safely be applied more often without harming your skin. Learn how to use hand sanitizer effectively >

Our products do not wash off with water or hand soap. It is gradually removed as your skin naturally exfoliates.

Molecules in our unique formula bond with the skin to help protect it without drying your hands, all while keeping the germs safely away.

Long Lasting Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizer

Common Sense Uses Green Technology And Is Safe For Our Environment

We are the ‘Green’ solution to inhibit microbial growth because Common Sense sanitizes and disinfects without the use of poisons or metals. This effective formula does not contribute to the creation of antimicrobial resistant strains of bacteria.

Our long lasting alcohol based hand sanitizer formula contains grain based, hospital grade ethanol. Ethanol, which is derived from corn and sugarcane, is a renewable resource and considered safer for the environment. Common Sense long lasting, alcohol based hand sanitizer also contains aloe vera for an enhanced moisturizing effect to prevent dryness and irritation.