About Microbe Solutions, LLC

Kathy Lenox, President started working with the Common Sense technology in 2014. She brought over 30 years of management experience to this venture. When the opportunity presented itself, she knew it was an excellent fit for someone with her drive and skill set. Kathy is driven to see this product reach the consumer.

In 2017 Kathy formed Microbe Solutions, LLC, a 100% Women Owned Business. She is a lifelong resident of New Jersey and she loves a challenge. Reaching out to the community with this product she feels will benefit all.

Kathy found her match when she hired Michael Hammer in 2017 to forward the mission of getting Common Sense into the hands of more consumers. Michael has a rich background in research and has been working tirelessly to improve the technology that is now known as Common Sense. He is single-handedly responsible for bringing this new and improved technology to Microbe Solutions, LLC.

His passion for the healing effects of this product and how it can help the community is exemplary. Together, they are eager to grow their robust customer base.

Michael Hammer and Owner, Kathy Lenox

Microbe Solutions, LLC is a company dedicated to providing innovative and effective healing solutions to the community. With their flagship product, Common Sense technology, they are committed to improving public health and disease control.

Microbe Solutions, LLC is proud to have Kathy Lenox as their President. With over 30 years of management experience, Kathy is a driven leader who is determined to see Common Sense reach the hands of more consumers. She recognizes the importance of providing effective solutions that meet the guidelines outlined by the World Health Organization (WHO).

The products that Microbe Solutions, LLC offers are unlike hand sanitizer gel. Their antibacterial hand sanitizer is effective in killing germs and bacteria, and is an essential tool in disease control. With the ongoing pandemic, hand sanitizing has become an essential item for individuals to carry with them at all times.

Microbe Solutions, LLC recognizes the importance of following the guidelines outlined by the WHO for hand sanitizers. Their hand sanitizer products meet the WHO guidelines for effectiveness and safety. They also prioritize the use of eco-friendly and sustainable ingredients in their products, ensuring that their customers can feel good about using their products for both themselves and the environment.

Michael Hammer, the research lead at Microbe Solutions, LLC, is passionate about the healing effects of Common Sense and how it can benefit the community. He has been working tirelessly to improve the technology behind Common Sense, making it more effective and user-friendly. With the dedication and commitment of the team at Microbe Solutions, LLC, they are poised to grow their customer base and make a positive impact on public health.

Kathy and Michael recently agreed to appear on the television show Modern Living with Kathy Ireland.

During this time they were able to educate Kathy and her audience about the sanitizing and disinfecting Common Sense products that they have brought to market and create in their Bayville, New Jersey facility.

The episode is originally aired in Fall 2022 and has been seen on various social channels all over the web.

Common Sense products are available to purchase online from this website in our online store, as well as on Walmart, Amazon and Ebay.

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