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Common Sense Long Lasting Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizer Acts Like an Invisible Glove + Protects You Against Germs All Day + Nourishes Your Hands. Our hand and surface sanitizer company has the longest-lasting products on the market! While most hand and surface sanitizers only kill germs on contact, our disinfectant products do this and more.

The new technology of Common Sense Long Lasting Hand Sanitizer is unlike any hand sanitizing antiseptic soap you’ve tried before. Common Sense creates a protective layer on your skin that works as a “bed of spikes” to first remove any germs already there, then it destroys any germs that try to land on your hands for hours afterward. And Common Sense also moisturizes, making it a unique moisturizing disinfectant and sanitizing soap.

At our hand and surface sanitizer company, we exceed the CDC’s recommendations for healthcare. Our special biostatic surface protectant is a water-based, odorless and colorless product that protects against odor-causing bacteria, mold, and mildew. It will actually work on most surfaces for months after you first apply!

Our disinfectant products can be utilized to prevent surfaces from germs, odors, bacteria, mold, and mildew by preventing them from spreading in the home, in business offices, at schools, daycare and healthcare facilities.

Management Biographies | Common Sense Sanitizing Products

Kathy Lenox, President started working with the Common Sense technology in 2014. She brought over 30 years of management experience to this venture. When the Common Sense opportunity presented itself, she knew it was an excellent fit for someone with her drive and skill set. Kathy is driven to see this product reach the consumer. Kathy formed Microbe Solutions, LLC, a 100% Women Owned Business in 2017 and is a life-long resident of New Jersey. She loves a challenge. Reaching out to the community with this product she feels will benefit all.

In 2017, Kathy found her match when she hired Michael Hammer to forward the mission of getting Common Sense in the hands of more consumers. Michael has a rich background in research and has been working tirelessly to improve the technology that is now known as Common Sense. He is single handedly responsible for bringing this new and improved technology to the United States. His passion for the healing effects of this product and how it can help the community is exemplary.

The entire team is eager to grow their robust customer base.

Our disinfectant product can be utilized to prevent cross contamination leading to illness and germs from spreading anywhere.

What Vitamin C does for your body…

Common Sense does for your skin…





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