About Common Sense | Long-Lasting Hand Sanitizer & Surface Disinfectant

Kathy Lenox

Kathy Lenox, President started working with the Common Sense technology in 2014. She brought over 30 years of administrative day-to-day management skills where she was a part of restructuring several large corporations in New Jersey. When the Common Sense opportunity presented itself, she knew it was an excellent fit for someone with her drive and skillset. Kathy formed Microbe Solutions, LLC, a 100% Women Owned Business. Kathy has been a life-long resident of New Jersey and when you can’t find her, one can search two places; the Barnegat Bay, she is probably out crabbing or the golf course where she is probably hitting par!

Michael Hammer

Michael Hammer

In 2017, Kathy found her match when she hired Michael Hammer to forward the mission of getting Common Sense in the hands of more consumers. Michael has a rich background in research and has been working tirelessly to improve the technology that is now known as Common Sense. He is single handily responsible for bringing this new and improved technology to the United States. His passion for the healing effects of this product and how it can help the community is exemplary.

The entire team is eager to grow their robust customer base to include schools, daycare centers, the hospitality industry, healthcare facilities, manufacturing facilities, animal care centers and many more in an effort to prevent illness and germs from spreading.

What Vitamin C does for your body, Common Sense does for your skin…it protects, moisturizes and cleanses.

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