Common Sense Long Lasting Alcohol Based Hand & Surface Sanitizing Products

Common Sense hand and surface sanitizers are longest-lasting products on the market! While most hand and surface sanitizers only kill germs on contact, our products do this and more.

Common Sense long lasting, alcohol based Hand Sanitizer acts like an invisible glove, protecting you against germs all day while nourishing your hands.

The technology of our sanitizing products are unlike any hand sanitizer or antiseptic soap you’ve tried before. Common Sense creates a protective layer on your skin that works as a “bed of spikes” to first remove any germs already there, then it destroys any germs that you come into contact with for hours afterward. On top of that, it also moisturizes, making it a unique softening and sanitizing product.

Common Sense Sanitizer does for your skin what Vitamin C does for your body…
it cleans, protects, and moisturizes.

At our hand and surface sanitizer company, we exceed the CDC’s recommendations for healthcare. Our special biostatic surface protectant is a water-based, odorless and colorless product that protects against odor-causing bacteria, mold, and mildew. It will actually work on most surfaces for months after you first apply!

Our disinfectant products can be utilized to prevent surfaces from germs, odors, bacteria, mold, and mildew by preventing them from spreading in the home, in business offices, at schools, daycare and healthcare facilities. Our disinfectant product can be used to prevent cross contamination leading to illness and is an important tool in the effort to stop germs from spreading.

Our formula does not create microbial resistant strains, we are the ‘Green’ solution to inhibit microbial growth.

Watch this video of our bottling process in our local facility in Bayville, New Jersey

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What does Common Sense do?

Common Sense is a formula containing an antimicrobial that imparts bacteriostatic, fungistatic, and algistatic properties to coatings on skin and surfaces.

The active ingredient in the Common Sense Antimicrobial was developed and registered with the EPA in the mid 1970’s, and has since been widely used in many applications since then.

antimicrobial products Common Sense product family

The powerful antimicrobial imparts a protective bacteriostatic, fungistatic and algistatic surface on substrates to prevent deterioration and discoloration caused by fungi, prevent algae growth and inhibit the growth of odor-causing bacteria. We love it because it’s safe and effective. The formula is durable, leach resistant, and non-migrating.

Comparison Of Antimicrobials

Common Sense has high antimicrobial performance in ISO and ASTM testing. Most antimicrobial technologies are designed to pass through the cell wall and attempt to poison the microbe from the inside by interfering with the microbe’s metabolism and altering the microbe’s DNA. This may lead to mutation and adaptive microorganisms, i.e. resistant superbugs.

Common Sense technology works differently

The active ingredient in Common Sense forms a colorless, odorless, positively charged polymer that molecularly bonds to skin and surfaces. The strong positive charge disrupts the cell membrane of all microorganisms that come in contact with the active surface. This disruption causes them to burst resulting in their cytoplasm and organelles to leak out. It’s like popping a nasty water balloon.

Because of this physical kill mechanism, Common Sense does not promote the development of drug resistant superbugs. It does not create the conditions that promotes the development of resistant microorganisms.

Common Sense is not metabolized by the microbial cells, instead it creates a network of electrically charged molecules on the surface, which rupture the invading cell wall on contact. Common Sense creates an invisible coating that bonds to what it’s been applied to and is ready to destroy any microbes that come in contact with the surface. This physical rupturing of the cell wall is the best way to kill a microbe because it eliminates the concern about the formation of resistant superbugs and, unlike silver or triclosan technologies, it is not leached into the environment or person.

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