The Best Sanitizing Products & Disinfecting Services

For Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Applications

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The Best Sanitizing Products & Disinfecting Services

For Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Applications

Hand Sanitizer

For silky smooth hands,
and the BEST long lasting, alcohol based hand sanitizer is Common Sense!

Men’s Care

Keep yourself feeling cool and clean – your whole body can feel fresh, no matter what.

Women’s Care

Prioritize personal care with the Common Sense persistent intimate cleansing spray.


Prevent Automotive Mini-Fogger Surface Defender. Use monthly to deodorize and protect!


Cleaning and Protecting Homes and Businesses Throughout New Jersey

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Our Formula

Is unique because it kills germs and leaves your hands feeling moisturized

Why Choose Our Sanitizing Formula?

Kills Germs
Common Sense long lasting hand sanitizer protects your skin, yourself and your loved ones from germs that create illnesses.

Exceeds CDC Recommendations
Our product has a higher alcohol content than what the CDC recommends, which means not only is it safe for you and your family, but its ability to kill germs is unmatched by other products on the market.

Safe Ingredients
our special nourishing formula is a safe sanitizing solution containing grain-derived alcohol and water-based products without fragrances or dyes that protect against germs that cause illness.

Lasts for Hours
Most hand sanitizers only kill germs. Common Sense’s long lasting hand sanitizer continues to inactivate germs for hours after application while moisturizing your hands. It forms a layer that works as a “bed of spikes” that puncture germs before they can make contact with your skin. This unique molecular formulation provides you with long lasting protection against illness.

The Longest Lasting Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizer and Disinfectants are Common Sense

Our alcohol based hand sanitizer provides a protective layer on your skin that removes germs, and protects your hands for hours afterward. Common Sense also moisturizes, making it a unique moisturizing and sanitizing product.

Watch This Video About Common Sense Products

kill germs, bacteria, viruses and fungus with safe and effective sanitizing products
women owned business made in the USA

Microbe Solutions, LLC provides a long lasting sanitizing and disinfecting products that stop germs and viruses that spread disease. We are proud to say that our products are made in the USA and are mixed and packaged at our facility in Ocean County, New Jersey.

Common Sense accomplishes superior disinfection and sanitization on surfaces without the use of poisons or metals. None of the products we manufacture contain Methanol.

We guarantee that our products are non-toxic and are safe to use at home, in restaurants, during manufacturing processes, and more because the safety of our customers is important to us.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“Best hand sanitizer on the market. Been using it for years and have not had a cold or flu. In the last 6 months with covid-19 I have been flying every 2 weeks and spray myself from head to toe and can say I have not gotten sick, I am very grateful. Also, excellent customer service.”

Originally posted by Mary Mongiardini from Winzerwald Wineryon Alignable

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