Common Sense is the Longest Lasting Disinfecting Hand Sanitizer

Common Sense long lasting alcohol based Hand Sanitizer disinfectant soap acts like an invisible, moisturizing glove that protects you against germs all day while nourishing your hands.

The new technology of Common Sense long lasting, alcohol based Hand Sanitizer is unlike any disinfecting hand sanitizer you’ve tried before. Common Sense creates a protective layer on your skin that works as a “bed of spikes” to first remove any germs already there, then it destroys any germs that try to land on your hands for hours afterward. And Common Sense also moisturizes, making it a unique moisturizing disinfectant and sanitizing product.

Apply Once for Long Lasting Germ Protection

Common Sense is meant to be applied once in the morning and then optionally throughout the day.

Other disinfecting hand sanitizer offered to the public require 25 to 35 daily applications to give a person germ protection. Let’s be honest, do you or anyone you know take the time to apply hand sanitizer that often every single day?

How long does hand sanitizer last? Typical products may kill germs within the minute that they are applied. Disinfecting hand soap also gives you momentary protection, but our hand sanitizer will give you long-term defense that lasts all day!

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Choose the best protection from germs that lead to illness

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What is the Difference Between our Hand Sanitizer and other Antimicrobials on the Market?

Conventional products penetrate living cells and kill by way of poisoning the organism or disrupting a vital life process. They are designed to act quickly and dissipate quickly. Most commercial antimicrobials used for treating surfaces do an adequate job of killing bacteria and fungi for disease control, although most have a limited range of effectiveness.

The COMMON SENSE technology takes a totally unique approach. Our disinfecting hand sanitizer provides an effective initial microbial kill when applied, but, unlike the conventional methods, it also provides long-term control of growth on treated surfaces, often for the life of that surface. The surface itself is modified to make it antimicrobially active.

How does our hand sanitizer work?

Common Sense is a Micro-Biostatic Antimicrobial Coating. When applied to your skin, Common Sense Hand Sanitizer creates a layer on the surface that inhibits odor-causing bacteria, mold and mildew as well as prevents spore growth for an extended length of time.

Protect Your Kids When They Go To School with Environmentally Friendly Hand Sanitizer

Illness is spread through personal and surface contact, so help prevent your child from being sent home from school sick by applying Common Sense Hand Sanitizer every morning.

Common Sense accomplishes all of this without the use of poisons or metals It does not create microbial resistant strains, we are the ‘Green’ solution to inhibit microbial growth. Making a positive impact on the world without causing harm is important to us at Microbe Solutions, LLC.

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