Common Sense
is The Only Long Lasting Surface Sanitizer & Disinfectant Solution

Common Sense’s Long Lasting Surface Sanitizer is the up and coming way to protect surfaces at home, work, in your car or any surface. Prevent germs and bacteria from growing on the surfaces you come in contact with daily using the longest lasting surface sanitizer and disinfectant on the market today!

The secret to the germ-fighting solution in Common Sense is the Micro-Biostatic Antimicrobial Coating. When applied to a surface or incorporated into a material, Common Sense creates a layer on the surface that inhibits odor-causing bacteria, mold, and mildew as well as prevents spore growth for an extended length of time. Reducing cross-contamination.

The Common Sense sanitizing coating forms a protective surface protectant by forming a “bed of spikes” that destroys the microorganism’s before they can cause harm.

This New Technology Provides A Perfect Approach to Inhibiting Microorganisms With The Use Of Unsafe Heavy Metals Or Poisons


  • It is safe and easy to handle
  • Odorless, colorless, invisible and long lasting
  • Environmentally friendly, due to non-leaching
  • Used by numerous Manufacturers, as well as Service Industries
  • Eliminates odors and fights mold and mildew
  • Cleanses, protects and moisturizes your hands.
  • Safe for pets
Common Sense Hand and Surface Sanitizer with persistence Common Sense Zone

Useful in a Broad Range of Applications
Such As:

  • Schools, Libraries & Daycare Centers
  • Logistics – Food Transportation
  • Hotel, motels & hospitalities
  • Building Construction & Maintenance
  • Athletic Clubs & Sports Team Facilities
  • Food & Beverage Facilities
  • Hospitals & Medical Buildings
  • Household Cleaning – Upholstery – Mattress Pads – Air Filters & Ducts
  • Boats, RV’s & Campers
  • Airplanes, Trains & Buses
  • Textile / Laundry
  • Kennels

Common Sense’s Surface Sanitizer is Great in Manufacturing

  • Great in high usage applications
  • Easily incorporated during the finishing cycle of most processes
  • Provides the same great antimicrobial protection rendering products free from microbial contamination and cross contamination
  • Disrupts the cell membranes of microorganisms in bacteria, fungi, algae and yeast
  • Applied during finishing cycle by PAD or exhaust process
Common Sense Hand and Surface Sanitizer with persistence

Does your company have a high call-out rate?

Common Sense helps prevent your employees from acquiring any germs from their co-workers hence spending more time at work then home sick.

Ready to change that call-out rate?

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