What Are You Looking For In A Long Lasting Hand Sanitizer? Industry Leader Interview

Modern Living with Kathy Ireland

K. Ireland: “Welcome to the show, I’m Kathy Ireland.

The recent pandemic has forced people worldwide to become increasingly familiar with the value of regular sanitizing, with businesses and private citizens alike looking for ways to protect themselves against germ transmission.

Today we’re joined by Microbe Solutions vice president Michael Hammer and CEO Kathy Lenox to discuss a new approach to hand and surface sanitizing that’s as effective as it is long lasting. Welcome to you both.”

Hand sanitizer and disinfectant industry leader celebrity interview

M. Hammer: “Thank you. Thank you for having us. We’re really grateful to be here today.”

K. Lenox: “Hi, Kathy. Thank you.”

K. Ireland: “Well, we’re grateful you’re both here. And Michael, please tell us about Microbe Solutions and why your products are exactly what consumers are wanting.”

M. Hammer: “Thank you for that question. So what our consumers are looking for today are user friendly products that work and work well. Right? So for example, our hand sanitizer when you put our product on, it’s a user experience like no other. It goes on. It’s nice and smooth. Coats your hands. It’s not a gloppy, gooey, messy gel. People will tell us after they put on traditional hand sanitizers they feel like they actually need to go wash their hands and get that off. Our product, once it’s dry, it leaves your hands silky and smooth for hours.”

K. Ireland: “And Michael we’ve all gotten familiar with hand sanitizer over the last couple of years. What makes Microbe Solutions’ products different?”

M. Hammer: “So it’s our technology that’s in all of our products, our core products. The technology is based around a molecule that actually binds to a surface okay, and once that molecule is bonded it doesn’t come off very easily. When bacteria comes in contact with that, they are destroyed. Picture the surface, whether it’s a hand sanitizer or surface technology, covered in the bed of nails and the pathogen or the bacteria is a water balloon. If you punctured the water balloon, you destroy it, you can’t put it back together again, right? Same thing with bacteria. If it comes in contact with molecule, it gets physically destroyed. You can’t put it back together again. That technology is embedded in all of our products.”

Disinfect and protect your home or office with the Common Sense DIY kit

K. Ireland: “I love it. And Kathy, I understand you have a do-it-yourself kit that homeowners can disinfect and apply an antibacterial within the home.”

K. Lenox: “Yes, we have a disinfection process and a antibacterial coating that we are going to be selling to consumers so that they can do it themselves. You know, the product lasts for quite some time. So I think when you’re at home, you’ll know when it’s time to disinfect and protect.

I was using it before a lot of other people were and I noticed that when everyone else was getting their colds and the flu I was perfectly healthy. So after a year or two realizing that this really, really works, I got passionate about it to bring it to the community and to the public.

Our company name is Microbe Solutions. Our brand name, of course, is Common Sense. Our tagline, which we love, is, “Have you used to Common Sense today?” Which, I think I use every morning to make sure I don’t forget to put it on.

Ocean County, NJ manufacturing facility for hand sanitizer and surface disinfectant

We have multiple ways of selling. We just came back from the Sea Air and Space Expo in Virginia. The military absolutely loves our products. As you can see outside we have a couple of pallets getting ready to go out as we speak. We also have an Ecommerce site where you can buy any of our products anywhere within the United States. So come check us out at smartcommonsense.com.”

M. Hammer: “So what’s unique about Microbe Solutions and the Common Sense brand is that, it really goes back to Kathy and I, when we created this company, and we we were interested in producing a very high quality, superior product and we are able to control all aspects of that product right from the purchasing of the materials all the way to our end product and overseeing production. We can walk right back here at anytime to making sure our products come off the line exactly like we want it.”

K. Ireland: “Excellent. What else do you foresee for this revolutionary approach?”

M. Hammer: “So as we begin to unveil some of our personal care products, it brings another level of protection for the consumer to use. And so we’re launching our wound care product that’s able to be used if you obviously get a cut, you put it on and it disinfects and sanitizes that and then protects it. We’re launching a foot care product that’s over by you. Again that stops foot odors and works all day. And we also have a men’s and women’s personal hygiene products which will be very refreshing for men and women to use.”

K. Ireland: “Excellent. And you know, as we move on post pandemic and the public becomes even more focused on safeguarding their employees and loved ones. What do you both see for the future for your incredible products?”

M. Hammer: “So what we see, one, is a launch of a do-it-yourself kits for your home or your small business. So businesses are going to be constantly disinfecting their facilities or your residents will be disinfecting them and having to protect that. So we’re offering do-it-yourself kits that can be purchased for various sizes of application 2000, 4000, 10,000 square feet, and they can do it themselves and take care of that along with the personal care products that we’re launching, again upping the ante in our personal protection.”

K. Lenox: “I believe that it’s our responsibility to allow the public to know that there are safe sanitizers out there and there are toxic sanitizers out there. So we want everyone in the community to use the right products for them. Not necessarily ours, but to know what products they should be using.”

K. Ireland: “Excellent. Well, congratulations to both of you on this incredible company, this incredible work. And thank you both for joining us today.”

K. Lenox and M. Hammer: “Great. Thank you for having us. We appreciate it. Thank you very much.”

K. Ireland: “And thank you for watching. I’m Kathy Ireland.”

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  • Kathy Lenox

    Kathy Lenox is the President of Microbe Solutions, LLC, a 100% women-owned company she established in 2017. With a diverse career, she managed offices for renowned establishments like Caesars Atlantic City and Trump Plaza Atlantic City. For over 25 years, she excelled as an Administrative Manager in the Warehouse Distribution industry, overseeing multimillion-dollar operations. Kathy's company, Microbe Solutions, specializes in manufacturing a highly effective, persistent hand sanitizer. She is committed to expanding its presence in both wholesale and retail markets. Her dedication extends to supplying the military with essential hygiene products. Kathy's vision for Microbe Solutions revolves around exceptional customer service and the continued exploration of innovative antimicrobial technology in new avenues.

  • Michael Hammer

    Michael Hammer is the Vice President of Operations at Microbe Solutions, a company specializing in antimicrobial products. With an extensive background in business and management, Michael co-founded Microbe Solutions with a commitment to promoting these products and achieving operational excellence. Having honed his expertise in various roles, from automotive management to medical billing and antimicrobial distribution, Michael brings a wealth of experience in product development and promotion. His vision for Microbe Solutions centers on expanding the reach of antimicrobial products in health and beauty sectors, all while prioritizing top-notch customer service. Over a relatively short period, he has achieved significant milestones, including securing EPA labels and establishing manufacturing processes. Michael's ultimate goal is to make Microbe Solutions' products accessible in major retail outlets, emphasizing their presence in big-box stores.