Car Fogger Deodorizer New Car Scent


Prevent Automotive Mini-Fogger Surface Defender. Use this disinfectant sanitizing car bomb monthly to deodorize and protect! Regular use stops new unwanted odors from forming.

1 Canister New Car Scent

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PreVent by Common Sense®

This Automotive Mini-Fogger long-lasting surface defender eliminates odors at their source. Odor causes may also stain and discolor interior surfaces. PreVent Leaves a long-lasting barrier against bad smells and odor sources such as organic, urine, smoke, vomit, and more.

PreVent works by forming an invisible, long-lasting coating that provides persistent protection on most surfaces and fabrics.

We recommend applying monthly for continual prevention.

1 CANISTER New Car Scent


Benefits of this Vehicle Deodorizer and Surface Defender.

  • Safely Bonds to the Surfaces For Long Term Protection
  • Easy and Fast to Use, About 10 Minutes!
  • Fragrance with either New Car Smell or Lemongrass
  • Will not stain or leave any sticky residue on the interior
  • Safe for all surfaces
  • Eco-Friendly Formula

Prevent Automotive Mini-Fogger Deodorizer, Deodorizing and Surface Defender

Prevent Automotive Mini-Fogger uses Common Sense technology that is long lasting and bonds to the surface creating a protective barrier on the surfaces that works as a “bed of spikes” to stop organic compounds from forming, eliminating organic odor at the source.

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Weight 0.4 oz
Dimensions 8 × 3 × 3 in


Usage Instructions: For Best Results: Start Engine, set Emergency Brake and leave vehicle in Park Close all doors and windows, put A/C system in Bi-Level, Recirculating Mode, and Fan on High. Place canister in a central location, the cup holder in the console is best. Fully Press the valve on top of the canister. It will LOCK  and the contents will begin to release. EXIT the vehicle and close the door. Allow the full contents of the canister to release. Wait approximately 5-10 minutes till all surfaces are dry for the product to activate. Enter the vehicle and turn engine OFF, safely discard the canister.


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