Car Fogger Deodorizer Lemongrass Scent


Prevent Automotive Mini-Fogger Surface Defender. Use monthly to deodorize and protect! Regular use stops new unwanted odors from forming

1 CANISTER Lemongrass Scent

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PreVent by Common Sense®

This Automotive Mini-Fogger long-lasting surface defender eliminates odors at their source. Odor causes may also stain and discolor interior surfaces. PreVent Leaves a long-lasting barrier against bad smells and odor sources such as organic, urine, smoke, vomit, and more.

PreVent works by forming an invisible, long-lasting coating that provides persistent protection on most surfaces and fabrics.

We recommend applying monthly for continual prevention.

1 CANISTER • Lemongrass Scent


Benefits of this Vehicle Deodorizer and Surface Defender.

  • Safely Bonds to the Surfaces For Long Term Protection
  • Easy and Fast to Use, About 10 Minutes!
  • Fragrance with either New Car Smell or Lemongrass
  • Will not stain or leave any sticky residue on the interior
  • Safe for all surfaces
  • Eco-Friendly Formula

Prevent Automotive Mini-Fogger Deodorizer, Deodorizing and Surface Defender

Prevent Automotive Mini-Fogger uses Common Sense technology that is long lasting and bonds to the surface creating a protective barrier on the surfaces that works as a “bed of spikes” to stop organic compounds from forming, eliminating organic odor at the source.

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