Is Hypoallergenic The Same As Fragrance Free?

Fragrance-free might bring to mind a product without any obvious scent, but this can be misleading. Going fragrance-free means the product hasn’t been intentionally infused with additional fragrances to mask the unpleasant smell of other ingredients. It doesn’t mean the product won’t have a scent that comes from its ingredients, including essential oils. Understanding the … Read more

Is Rubbing Alcohol the Same as Hand Sanitizer?

In the search for cleanliness and protection from germs, you may wonder whether rubbing alcohol, primarily composed of isopropyl alcohol, can serve the same purpose as hand sanitizers. While both products are known for their disinfectant properties, they’re not exactly the same thing. Hand sanitizers, specifically alcohol-based hand sanitizers, typically contain ethyl alcohol among their … Read more

Reconnecting By Allowing Human Touch: The Common Sense Approach

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How To Use A Car Bomb Air Freshener

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Is it Safe to Keep Hand Sanitizer in Your Car?

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Why Even the Best Hand Sanitizers Can’t Wipe Out 100% of Germs

This might seem counterintuitive, especially given the assurances on product labels. Not all bacteria or microorganisms are harmful; in fact, some are essential for the immune system to function properly. Not a One-Size-Fits-All Solution While hand sanitizers are effective in disease control by limiting the spread of certain bacteria and viruses, they are not a … Read more

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Carpet Disinfectant Spray: A Non-Toxic Solution for Sanitizing Carpet

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