Hand Sanitizer Product Comparisons At Sailfest NJ in Island Heights, New Jersey

How does Common Sense long lasting hand sanitizer compare to the leading brand? Every person we spoke with at the Sailfest NJ event in Island Heights last weekend chose our product over the leading competitor when it came to how it felt, how it smelled and how it made their hands feel after using it.

Take a look at these short videos below to see how these guests reacted to trying our hand sanitizer at this outdoor festival at the Jersey Shore!

When guests at Sailfest NJ tried our hand sanitizer alongside the product from the leading competitor, our long lasting Common Sense alcohol based hand sanitizer was chosen every time! Watch how pleased this woman was when she sampled our product at this Island Heights, NJ outdoor event!

Did you ever get a hand sanitizer that has a bad scent? That’s what this woman asked after she was blown away by our long lasting, alcohol based Common Sense hand sanitizer when we asked her to compare it to the leading brand on the market. Watch her reaction when she decided that she would buy Common Sense based on the way it smelled and how good it made her hands feel!


  • Kathy Lenox

    Kathy Lenox is the President of Microbe Solutions, LLC, a 100% women-owned company she established in 2017. With a diverse career, she managed offices for renowned establishments like Caesars Atlantic City and Trump Plaza Atlantic City. For over 25 years, she excelled as an Administrative Manager in the Warehouse Distribution industry, overseeing multimillion-dollar operations. Kathy's company, Microbe Solutions, specializes in manufacturing a highly effective, persistent hand sanitizer. She is committed to expanding its presence in both wholesale and retail markets. Her dedication extends to supplying the military with essential hygiene products. Kathy's vision for Microbe Solutions revolves around exceptional customer service and the continued exploration of innovative antimicrobial technology in new avenues.

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  • Michael Hammer

    Michael Hammer is the Vice President of Operations at Microbe Solutions, a company specializing in antimicrobial products. With an extensive background in business and management, Michael co-founded Microbe Solutions with a commitment to promoting these products and achieving operational excellence. Having honed his expertise in various roles, from automotive management to medical billing and antimicrobial distribution, Michael brings a wealth of experience in product development and promotion. His vision for Microbe Solutions centers on expanding the reach of antimicrobial products in health and beauty sectors, all while prioritizing top-notch customer service. Over a relatively short period, he has achieved significant milestones, including securing EPA labels and establishing manufacturing processes. Michael's ultimate goal is to make Microbe Solutions' products accessible in major retail outlets, emphasizing their presence in big-box stores.

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