Back To School Shopping For Hand Sanitizer – What To Know

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As we navigate the ongoing health landscape, hand sanitizers have become an indispensable tool in our daily routines. This is particularly relevant as we approach the back-to-school season, a time when ensuring the health and safety of our children becomes a top priority.

Along with the purchase of new textbooks, uniforms, and school supplies, hand sanitizers now take a prime spot on the shopping list. At Microbe Solutions, a New Jersey-based company, we offer a range of sanitizing services and products, including a long-lasting, moisturizing hand sanitizer that doesn’t dry out your hands.

As we gear up for the new academic year, let’s delve into why this humble bottle is crucial in our fight against germs and how to make the best choice for your child’s needs.

The Role of Hand Sanitizers in Schools

These products, which can be conveniently purchased on our website, can be easily integrated into school hygiene protocols. Whether it’s cleaning hands visibly dirty from using colored pencils or mitigating the risk of spreading germs, Microbe Solutions is committed to fostering a safe and healthy school environment.

Hand sanitizers, particularly alcohol-based ones, are essential in combating germs spread, especially within schools where students frequently interact. They offer a convenient hygiene solution when soap and water aren’t available, reducing disease transmission among students.

Microbe Solutions enhances this fight against germs with our comprehensive disinfecting and sanitizing services, available for commercial and residential settings including schools and daycare centers across New Jersey. The process involves initial disinfection, followed by long term protection with an environmentally safe, fragrance free formula.

Microbe Solutions produces a moisturizing, long-lasting hand sanitizer, balancing effective sanitization with skin comfort. Despite being alcohol-based, it doesn’t dry out hands, making it suitable for small hands and sensitive skin.

It’s crucial to educate students on its proper use to avoid issues like alcohol poisoning, a common concern for poison control centers. Remember, ethyl alcohol, the active ingredient in many hand sanitizers, should be used responsibly to ensure safety and effectiveness.

What to Look for in a Hand Sanitizer

When it comes to selecting a hand sanitizer, there are a few key factors to consider to ensure that you’re effectively safeguarding against harmful germs.

The Importance of Alcohol-Based Sanitizers

The first thing to look for is an alcohol-based formula. According to health experts, sanitizers with an alcohol concentration between 60-95% are more effective at killing germs than those with a lower alcohol concentration or non-alcohol-based hand sanitizers. Alcohol acts as a potent agent that can quickly reduce the number of microbes on your hands.

The Need for Moisturizing Elements

While the presence of alcohol is crucial, it can also lead to dry skin with frequent use. This can be counterproductive, as cracked and dry skin can become a breeding ground for bacteria. It’s important to choose a kid-friendly sanitizer with no harsh chemical odors that also includes moisturizing elements to prevent skin dryness.

Common Sense long lasting hand sanitizer has a unique formula that leaves hands feeling silky smooth all day while being more than 60% alcohol which effectively kills germs within 15 seconds of being applied.

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The Effectiveness of Microbe Solutions’ Hand Sanitizer

Microbe Solutions offers a unique blend that ticks both of these boxes. Our Common Sense hand sanitizer is alcohol-based, ensuring it effectively eliminates a broad spectrum of germs. But what sets it apart is its moisturizing formula.

Despite containing more than 60% alcohol, it is designed to keep your hands moisturized and prevent dryness, even with frequent use. Furthermore, Microbe Solutions’ hand sanitizer is long-lasting, meaning it provides prolonged protection compared to conventional hand sanitizers. It’s a testament to our commitment to delivering products that not only protect against germs but also prioritize user comfort and skin health.

Selecting the right hand sanitizer is a simple but significant step toward maintaining hygiene and health. By choosing a product like Microbe Solutions’ hand sanitizer, you’re opting for a solution that is both effective and caring for your skin.

How to Use Hand Sanitizers Effectively

Understanding the correct way to use hand sanitizers is just as crucial as having them on hand. Here, we break down the process into simple, easy-to-follow steps and discuss the appropriate times to use them during a typical school day.

Step-by-Step Guide on Proper Use of Hand Sanitizers

  1. Dispense: Apply a generous amount of hand sanitizer onto the palm of one hand. Microbe Solutions’ Common Sense hand sanitizer comes with an easy-to-use dispenser in available in various sizes that delivers the right quantity each time.
  2. Rub: Spread the sanitizer all over the surfaces of both hands. Make sure to cover the back of your hands, in between your fingers, and underneath your nails.
  3. Dry: Continue to work the product all over your hands and wrists until it is dry, for at least 15-20 seconds. Allow your hands to dry naturally. Do not wipe or rinse off the hand sanitizer before it’s dry; this will diminish its effectiveness.

When and How Often to Use Hand Sanitizers During the School Day

Hand sanitizers should ideally be used when soap and water are not readily available. However, given the high-contact nature of a school environment, it can be beneficial to use hand sanitizers at regular intervals throughout the day. Here are some key instances:

  1. Arrival at School: Upon entering the school premises, students should sanitize their hands to reduce the risk of bringing outside germs into the school environment.
  2. Before and After Meals: Hands come into direct contact with food, so it’s essential to use hand sanitizer before eating and after handling food containers.
  3. Post-Recess: After playing outdoors or in shared spaces, students should sanitize their hands to eliminate any germs they may have picked up.
  4. After Using Shared Items: After using shared resources like computers, library books, or sports equipment, a quick application of hand sanitizer can help keep germs at bay.

Remember, while hand sanitizers like those from Microbe Solutions offer effective germ protection, it is always important for thorough handwashing with soap and water whenever possible. By understanding how to use hand sanitizers effectively and incorporating them into daily school routines, we can foster a safer, healthier learning environment for our children.

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Remember Common Sense Hand Sanitizer When Back To School Shopping For School Supplies

Maintaining cleanliness and health safety in our schools is important as we look forward to entering the new school year, primarily through the use of hand sanitizers and frequent space disinfection.

Hand sanitizers serve as a vital tool in mitigating the spread of germs, particularly in high-traffic areas such as schools. They provide a fast, efficient method of maintaining hygiene when soap and water aren’t immediately accessible. In addition, regular disinfection of spaces contributes an extra layer of protection, fostering a safer, healthier school environment.

Microbe Solutions has emerged as a dependable ally in this initiative. Our extensive disinfecting and sanitizing services, available across New Jersey, ensure clean and safe spaces. Our unique process involves initial disinfection which includes the application of an environmentally safe, non-toxic Biostatic surface protectant formula. This coating offers lasting germ protection and odor removal, with applications lasting up to one year from treatment.

Common Sense hand sanitizer stands out for its longevity and moisturizing properties, while being alcohol-based. It effectively battles germs without drying out your hands, making it an ideal choice for students who want to skip that September back-to-school bug that typically gets passed around.


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